Commission new music from a living, breathing composer!

Alex Eddington is available to compose concert music for any combination of instruments and/or voices. He has worked extensively with student, community and professional musicians, and can compose original music that will suit the requirements of any ensemble:

  • solo instrument or voice, with or without accompaniment

  • chamber music

  • choir

  • concert band

  • string orchestra

  • symphony orchestra

Alex is also available for other projects, including:

  • music composition and sound design for theatre and dance

  • film scoring

  • arranging existing music for your ensemble (public domain - or rights already secured)

Composers have their own unique style - that’s the joy of commissioning a specific composer. However, Alex Eddington has composed a VERY diverse body of music, and is comfortable writing in both experimental and accessible idioms… and everything in between. Listen to previous projects here:

BUT WAIT - there’s another option for choirs. You could join the…

2019/20 Choir Commissioning Consortium

Up to 11 amateur choirs will co-commission a new piece for choir and piano, with a theme of war and the refugee crisis seen through the eyes of a young child.

The text will Boy With Orange (out of Kosovo), a poem by Lotte Kramer (U.K.)

The music will be available to consortium member choirs in SATB, SAB, SA, TB and Unison arrangements (all with piano), and will be available by September 1, 2019 - to be programmed at any point during the 2019/20 season.

2019/20 Choir Consortium Commission: "Boy With Orange (out of Kosovo)"

Composer Alex Eddington is seeking amateur choirs (SATB/SAB/SA/TB/unis.) to join a consortium for the 2019/20 season.

Up to 11 choirs will co-commission a new piece for choir and piano: a setting of Lotte Kramer’s beautiful poem “Boy With Orange (out of Kosovo)”.