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"gibbons vs. Gibbons" - presented by Spectrum Music

  • Alliance Francaise 24 Spadina Road Toronto, ON, M5R 2S7 Canada (map)

Alex Eddington’s string quartet piece gibbons vs. Gibbons will receive a second performance by the Odin Quartet in a concert presented by Spectrum Music in Toronto on Saturday, April 6.

“Jests in Time” is a concert of music cross-pollinating with comedy, so this piece - in which a very serious Renaissance duet for viols (by Orlando Gibbons, naturally) is attacked and invaded by a pair of swooping, whooping gibbon apes - is a natural fit.

Listen to the premiere of gibbons vs. Gibbons:


No matter who we are or where we come from, we all love to laugh. For centuries, we have revelled in the humour of light-hearted jests and gags as vehicles to express our amusement and joy. But what happens when comedy takes a dark turn – when we use humour to cover up our insecurities and resentment? The Spectrum composers, guest composer Simone Baron, and 2019 New Voices Composer in Residence, Noah Franche-Nolan, contemplate the complexity of comedy.

A dangerously hilarious pre-concert monologue by an emerging Toronto comedian will open the stage for a whimsical ensemble featuring accordionist Simone Baron, the Odin String quartet, and interpretive dance.

Join us at the Alliance Française de Toronto Spadina Theatre!


Simone Baron (accordion)

Odin String Quartet

Alex Pollard (dancer)


Hear new music inspired by comedy, in a way never heard before! 

Chelsea McBride – The Rearview Mirror

Mason Victoria – The Day When Robots Learn to Feel

Jackson Welchner – Pagliacci

Graham Campbell – Little Fellow

Tiffany Hanus – Are You Kidding?

Noah Franche-Nolan (2019 New Voices Composer in Residence) – Trois Variations

Alex Eddington - gibbons vs. Gibbons

& a piece by guest composer and performer, Simone Baron!