Missa Brevis: KYRIE on Jesous Ahatonhia (SATB)

Missa Brevis: KYRIE on Jesous Ahatonhia (SATB)


ca. 2:00

Text from the Latin Mass

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Kyrie on Jesous Ahatonhia was composed in 2008 and revised in 2018, when I wrote two more movements to create a Missa Brevis on French-Canadian Carols. Jesous Ahatonhia is often known by its more common name and modern text: The Huron Carol.

The other two movements, Gloria on Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes and Sanctus on Ça Bergers are available, separately and together, from the composer.

Duration: ca. 2:00

SATB choir a capella

Score includes piano reduction, for rehearsal.


Kyrie Eleison

Christe Eleison

Kyrie Eleison

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